Bono and Eugene Peterson on the Psalms

My friend David Taylor along with a host of other folks from Fuller's new studio project released a video this week that captures the relationship between U2's Bono and Eugene Peterson over the past 20 years.  The video culminates in a short discussion at the Peterson's home in Flathead Lake, Montana where Bono sings a... Continue Reading →

Cardiphonia Compilation – Psalms 135-150

Cardiphonia is excited to release the first in a new series of compilations focusing exclusively on the psalms.  You can find them at a new bandcamp address  We started with the last section of book five - Psalms 135-150.  This section of psalms contains a lot of familiar psalms and phrases and is a great illustration of the... Continue Reading →

Bits and Bobs – Summer 2015

Here is a collection of resources, songs, and albums that I've been enjoying this summer. LISTENING Jaywalk - Nathan Partain Nathan is the worship leader at Redeemer Presbyterian Church and one of my favorite songwriters.  He's just put out a new album that he is calling There Will Be Rest - Blake Flatteley Album of... Continue Reading →

Matt Boswell – Messenger Hymns, Vol.2

I love Matt Boswell. There are few people that I know of that have been so active at the ground level to support and love on Worship Leaders.  Matt is the founder of Doxology and Theology which is an active blog for worship leaders and has just started hosting worship conferences.  He is an author... Continue Reading →

Semi-Exhaustive List of Worship Conferences

I get asked a lot about what worship conferences to check out. Here is a great list of conferences I have been to, spoken at, or heard good things about. --- The Calvin Worship Symposium (Grand Rapids, MI) This is a yearly worship conference held at Calvin College the last weekend of every January (Michigan in... Continue Reading →

Michael Van Patter – Songs in the Night

Michael writes that "This is an album borne of long nights, impossible questions, fear, waiting, and hope. These are songs for the brokenhearted."  Michael is one of my favorite artists in the church. He is a talented songwriter and arranger, an astute liturgical pastor, and a lover of good design.  This new album grows out... Continue Reading →

Bits and Bobs – Winter 2015

There has been some great music released already this year..and good for us as we crunch our way through Winter up here in western michigan! Here are a few CD's and projects to check out: KICKSTARTER PROJECT - Coastland Commons a group of sacred songwriters writing from community up in Seattle, WA.  They contributed a... Continue Reading →

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