Resources for Exploring James KA Smith

James KA Smith is a philosophy professor at Calvin College, a prolific author, and an engaging twitterer.  We came to love him (but not inordinately) through his recent writings on faith formation through worship.  Desiring the Kingdom: Worship, Worldview, and Cultural Formation) is just the first in a series that will explore the idea of... Continue Reading →

Earthquake Hymns by Charles Wesley

Charles Wesley published two small collections of hymns reflecting on two earthquakes that struck London in 1750.  They weren't major earthquakes like what has recently struck Japan but they explore various ways of responding to natural disasters - as we wrestle with God's control and influence of nature and our desire for his protection and... Continue Reading →

Helps for Reading Scripture in Worship

Here are a number of thoughts and tips for reading scripture in public worship.  During the Advent season, many churches often read scripture in worship more than usual and need a few pointers in how to direct congregation members of all ages helping out. --- Public Reading of Scripture is the proclamation of God’s Word. ... Continue Reading →

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