Studying the Apostles Creed

Here are some resources on studying The Apostles Creed to go along with our new collection of songs on the apostles creed "Hymns of Faith" Reformed Theological Seminary-Orlando is preaching through the Apostles Creed this Fall in chapel. You can follow the talks on Itunes U -- JI Packer - Affirming the Apostles Creed --... Continue Reading →

Prayers for the Lord’s Supper

Our congregation celebrates the Lord's Supper every Sunday and we always have non-Christians present.  We print these prayers in our bulletin to give those who are investigating faith a place to direct both their anxieties and their searching hearts. *borrowed and adapted from City Church, San Francisco. --- PRAYERS FOR THOSE NOT TAKING THE LORD’S... Continue Reading →

Songs for Ephesians Series

This Fall at Christ the King we are working out way through the book of Ephesians.  Below are a list of songs we will be singing that reflect many of the important themes in Ephesians. (ESV Study Bible - (1) Christ has reconciled all creation to himself and to God, and (2) Christ has united... Continue Reading →

Articles on a Biblical Theology of Worship

Recently ran across a list of essays from a number of people that I know.  Looking forward to reading a number of these. From a conference hosted by the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship in 2007. Here is the link to download most of these articles. --- Chapters and Articles Submitted by Attendees (read) Borror,... Continue Reading →

Worship Books I’m Reading – Summer 2010

Here is a list of some of the books I've been reading this summer that might fall outside the bounds of stuff you've run across. --- Explorations in a Christian Theology of Pilgrimage , Craig Bartholomew (Editor), Fred Hughes (Editor) I've been reading this as part of continuing to wrestle with the Psalms of Ascents. ... Continue Reading →

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