Driscoll on Worship – Ch 11 in Doctrine

The Resurgence has been walking chapter by chapter through Mark Driscoll's new book "Doctrine." This week they featured the chapter on Worship:God Transforms.  You can download a preview of the chapter HERE. John Frame has this to say: There is so much [in Driscoll's book] to aid readers who have thought that theology was too... Continue Reading →

Worship Leaders: signposts for the way

When I was working through seminary at RTS-Orlando I was given a great gift.  A summer worship internship at Green Lake Pres in Seattle.  While there my job was to practice planning and leading worship in the day to day of pastoral ministry with pastor mike kelley, deepen my own understanding of the forms of... Continue Reading →

Summer Reading List 2010 – Worship

June got here really quick this year.  Because summer is always a great time to renew the act of literary wishful thinking here are a few essential perennials that you should pick up to add to your yearly re:read list. Most of these were required reading for our class on Worship with Reggie Kidd while... Continue Reading →

Song Writing 101 by John Newton

This is part (2) on a series looking at John Newtons contributions to modern hymnody.  Part (1) here. If you have a few moments this week read John Newton's preface to his Olney hymns.  He wrote it in 1779 but as far as I can tell its as good advice today as ever - it's... Continue Reading →

The Sermon Songs of John Newton

This is part (1) of  a two-part series looking at John Newton's approach to hymn writing.  In part (2) we will look at the various ways that John Newton approached hymn writing and his influence on songwriters to the current day. - Many of our favorite hymns from John Newton are found in Book 1... Continue Reading →

Gospel Liturgy Through Song

I was reading the other day on the Worship Matter's blog that Sovereign Grace Music is working on a CD that will move through the Gospel liturgy in song.  It's a great idea and one I'm sure they borrowed from a recent release 'Mid All the Traffic'.  A CD we released that took the core... Continue Reading →

Learning to Lament

Many of us in leadership in church's are wrestling with how to shepherd our people through the tragedy in Haiti right now.  Most of us don't know how to lament, and the church hasn't taught us.  At Christ the King we are repenting of this and trying to provide some basic materials to help people... Continue Reading →

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