Bono and Eugene Peterson on the Psalms

My friend David Taylor along with a host of other folks from Fuller's new studio project released a video this week that captures the relationship between U2's Bono and Eugene Peterson over the past 20 years.  The video culminates in a short discussion at the Peterson's home in Flathead Lake, Montana where Bono sings a... Continue Reading →

Contemporary Psalms for Worship

Here is a list of some of my favorite psalm based songs for worship...along with a few other places that are good for listening/reading. --------------------------- Psalm 8 - Glory on Display by Brian Moss listen | chords | leadsheet Psalm 9 - The Hope of the Poor by Wendell Kimbrough listen | chords | leadsheet Psalm... Continue Reading →

Newsnote: article on our psalms of ascents grant

Our church (Christ the King Presbyterian Church, Raleigh) participated in the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship Worship Renewal grant program in 2009-2010.   Our church spent a year walking through the Psalms of Ascents (Ps120-134).  Recently CICW published a brief article looking at how our grant provided what was in a sense a 'full-scriptural immersion' for... Continue Reading →

Notes from Calvin Grant Colloquium

Last week Pj and spent a few days up at Calvin College and Seminary celebrating and learning with the Calvin Worship Grant recipients from 2009 and 2010.  We were awarded a grant in 2009 to walk our congregation through the Psalms of Ascents. Here's an overview of our time, people we met, and things we... Continue Reading →

The Rise of Eclectic Psalmody

Last week I spent some amazing time up in Grand Rapids, MI creatively assaulting the Psalms.  I was participating in a colloquium on Congregational Song and Psalmody, a gathering spurred on in part by a new psalter being jointly published in 2011 by the Reformed Church in America (RCA) and the Christian Reformed Church (CRC).  ... Continue Reading →

Maundy Thursday Service

<click on image above to download a pdf of our service> Our church, Christ the King Presbyterian is celebrating a semi-traditional Maundy Thursday Service tonight. Maundy comes from ‘mandatum novum’ the latin word for commandment and originates in Jesus’ words to his disciples in John 13, where after the Passover he says “A new commandment... Continue Reading →

Songs for Psalm 134

Here are a few songs we have been working on from Psalm 134.  We will be singing "Come People of God" this Sunday at Christ the King. . Come People of God mp3 | leadsheet - contemporary, congregational version of Psalm 134 ------------ Praise the Lord, All You Servants of the Lord mp3 | leadsheet... Continue Reading →

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