Day 3 – 50 Days of Easter

Day 3 - Christ is Risen, Indeed (Keity & Kristyn Getty) mp3 | charts | youtube “How can it be, the One who died, Has borne our sin through sacrifice To conquer every sting of death? Sing, sing hallelujah. For joy awakes as dawning light When Christ’s disciples lift their eyes. Alive He stands, their... Continue Reading →

Day 2 – 50 Days of Easter

Day 2 - this very singable riff on the "Christ is risen, risen indeed" by Caroline Cobb, a gifted songwriter who typically focuses on scripture songs and direct themes of scripture. mp3 | chart | song story | youtube Words and music by Caroline Cobb Written March 29, 2012 John 20, Romans 3:23-26, 1 Corinthians 15,... Continue Reading →

Day 1 – 50 Days of Easter

For Easter this year we're going to blog through the 50 days of easter on our way to Pentecost.  Something I've wanted to do for a while and being spurned on some someone's remark that for as much as the evangelical church has poured into engaging the season of Lent - HOW MUCH more should... Continue Reading →

New Worship Songs for Hope 2017

It's a ton of fun working with college students at Hope and the crazy curation work that goes into finding songs that are musically interesting, biblically coherent and a good fit for our worship context.  Here's a list of some of my current faves that we are currently working on...and if you want to see... Continue Reading →

Summer Worship Bits and Bobs (June 17)

Here are some of our favorite albums and reads to check out this summer! READING: Our friends across the pond at Engage Worship have recently published a book called "Whole Life Worship" with tons of great ideas for worship the other six days of the week.  Great for a summer small group or VBS program!... Continue Reading →

Advent Planning 2016

here are some bits and bobs for your advent planning this year! SONGS: In my mind advent songs should  (at least) have four themes in mind. - A focus on old testament imagery - (see "O Come Divine Messiah, Dawning Light") - A focus on the life of faith as a journey (See "I wonder... Continue Reading →

Worshipping through the Beatitudes

Paul Neeley recently posted that Nov 1 (All Saints) has been a day that has historically reflected on the beatitudes.  It was really hard for me to find resources on the beatitudes to use in public worship when we preached through them last fall.  So here are a few pieces to meditate on that I... Continue Reading →

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