Liturgy and Devo’s

The NativityIt’s always a challenge to find good materials to use for Advent and Christmas.  I’ve found it especially difficult since I’ve worked for churches that are evangelical, contemporary, and more liturgical.  Things have to usually be created from scratch.

Below are devotionals, liturgy, and services that either I or friends have put together with this church matrix in mind.

| Advent Devotionals

Christ the King (2009)  – “Born a Child, Yet a King”
(a weekly devotional with references to the Jesus Storybook Bible)

Christ the King (2008) – “For Yonder Breaks..”
(A daily devotional through advent from various perspectives)

Redeemer Presbyterian (2005) – Lukan Birth Narrative and Carols

Christ Church Berkeley (2010) – “Prayer Guide for Advent

Liberti, Philly (2011) – “The Coming of David’s Greater Son

Gathering Church (2011) – AdultKids

| Worship Service Materials

A collection of Advent Sunday Liturgies – pdf

Lessons and Carols Service @ CTK

Christmas Eve Service – Narrated from Luke’s Gospel

List of Advent Readings -pdf

List of Advent Sermon Series -pdf

Advent wreath readings – pdf

Why Recognize Advent? – article by Rev. Elliot Grudem – [to]

| Miscellaneous:

Explanation of Services based in “O Antiphons” (verses of O Come, O Come, Emannuel)

Original -King’s College- Lessons and Carols

Christmas in Art & Song (1879) – a collection of songs, carols, and descriptive poems  (google books link)

Advent Season resources from the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship

Sufjan Steven’s excellent Christmas Collection – akrecords | amazon | bandcamp (email me for charts)

Good Reads:

Proclaiming the Christmas Gospel – Ed. by John D. Witvliet
Ancient Future Time – Bob Webber
The New Handbook of the Christian Year – Ed. by Hickman and Saliers

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