Most churches celebrate the season of Christmas.  The messages, music and decor reflect the themes, content, and traditions of the ‘season.’  In a traditional church calendar the season of ‘Epiphany’ follows Christmas (The 1st Sunday after Jan 6).  Epiphany can be a wonderful tonic for the naivete and sentimentality that creeps so wholeheartedly into many of our holiday celebrations. Epiphany looks forward to the glory of the incarnation as revealing God’s light and will for his creation in Christ before all the nations of the world. Our word epiphany comes from a Greek word meaning “manifestation or appearance,” and in church history this word has become closely associated with the revelation of Christ in connection with the visit of the Magi. Here are a few songs besides the traditional carols that I have found helpful in carrying a holiday-dozed congregation into the glory of our King.

Songs for Epiphany

At the Name of Jesus (Gilley arr.)
mp3 | leadsheet

Brightest and Best of the Sons of the Morning (Star of the East)
| leadsheet | capo | Southern Harmony Image

Christ, Whose Glory Fills the Skies
Brian Moss Vers – mp3 | leadsheet | lyrics
High Street Hymns Vers – mp3
Matthew Smith Vers – mp3
Castle Island Hymns – mp3

Go, Tell it On the Mountain 
mp3 | leadsheet | other versions

Glory Be to God on High (Benedict arr.)
mp3 leadsheet

Hail to the Lord’s Annointed
welcome wagon – mp3 | leadsheet
sandra mccracken – mp3 | chords | leadsheet

Jesus Came, the Heaven’s Adoring (Benedict arr.)
Bruce – mp3 | leadsheet
Michael Van Patter – mp3 | leadsheet
Castle Island Hymns – mp3 | leadsheet

Jesus, the Light of the World  (Old Gospel Tune)
mp3 | leadsheet

Joy to the World (trad.)
mp3 | leadsheet

Here I am to Worship (Light of the World)
mp3 | leadsheet

Light of Light, Enlighten Me (Partain arr.)
mp3 | Chords | lead sheet | info

O Christ, Our King, Creator Lord (B. Brooks arr.)
mp3 | leadsheet

Prepare Ye the Way (Derek Webb)
mp3 | chart

They Came Bearing Gifts (Benedict arr.)

Break Forth, O Beauteous Heavenly Light (Pressley Arr.)
mp3 | leadsheet | info

When Christ’s Appearing Was Made Known (Benedict arr.)
mp3 | lead-sheet | other versions

Other Texts:

O King of Glory, David’s Son (Winkworth)

Christ, our True and Only Light (Winkworth)

From the Eastern Mountains (G. Thring)

Hail, Thou Source of Ev’ry Blessing (Woodd)

More texts from the Oremus Hymnal

Texts for Epiphany

Isaiah 60:1-12 | Psalm 19 & 72

Matthew 2: 1-12 | John 8:12

Romans 15:5-13 | Ephesians 3:1-12

Titus 2:11-14 | Revelation 21:22-26

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