Marc Chagall “Abraham and the Angels”


Grant Kick-off Weekend with Prof. Jay Sklar from Covenant Seminary talking to us about “Eating with God and One Another” in the Old Testament (Lev 3:1-5).
Download Sermon Here | Download Sunday School Here

Evening retreat for local pastors – we invited a group of local pastors to our pastor’s house to feast and engage in a conversation about how their church’s practice the Lord’s Supper.  Facilitated by Dr. Jay Sklar and Geoff Bradford


Design Charette, Feb 12

A gathering of architects and designers to brainstorm about building a new table for communion.  Full post on the event here.   Church+Art article HERE


Palm Sunday, April 1st

This weekend we will welcome Dr. Reggie Kidd from Reformed Theological Seminary, Orlando.  He will be talking to us about the Lord’s Supper from Hebrews and Revelation. Exploring how Jesus is our eternally intercessing priest at the table and how the table points us not only backward, but also into the future of Rev 19 – the Lamb’s High Feast!  Blog post here.

Retreat for Worship Leaders – We gathered a group of local worship leaders to discuss how they support eucharistic practice in their local church.  We talked about music, space, bodies in space, liturgical elements.  Reggie Kidd facilitated.


Seder Supper, April 4th

Christ the King celebrated our first Seder Supper last week as part of our community participating in Holy Week.  This was largely inspired by our Worship Renewal Grant from Calvin Institute of Christian Worship where we are exploring what it means grow in our observance of the Lord’s Supper this year.  The Seder Supper is an exploration of the passover meal, and gives people an experiential look into the last supper that jesus had with his disciples.  Along with recounting the passover story we also sang through the Great Hallel (Psalms 113-117) that most scholars attribute as the ‘hymn’ that Jesus sang with this disciples (Matt 26:30)


Easter Study – “A Meal with Jesus” (April-May)

During Easter 2012 we will spend the Sunday’s of the Easter season reading through “A Meal with Jesus” from Tim Chester.


The “Bread Show” – First Friday May (5)

A collection of artists in our church were inspired by our Worship Grant theme and decided to host an art show related to the theme of bread and community.  Through a First Friday event hosted at a local art gallery they invited the community to consider the centrality of bread to our lives through performance and visual art related to the beauty, process and earthiness of water, flower, yeast, and heat. Full post here.

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