We have been working on a number of various projects this year related to our Worship Renewal Grant:

A Lord’s Supper Feasting Book

  • The Bible is full of passages that relate scenes of food and feasting with our life with God.  Reading through from Genesis to Revelation we have been cultivating and curating these texts into our weekly worship services.  From the first week of November until Palm Sunday we read a passage each week during our Lord’s Supper liturgy to fill our minds with the mind of Christ.  To imagine the cultural and spiritual richness that would have been present in Jesus’ mind and heart as he celebrated the last passover/first Lord’s Supper.

Songs for the Supper

  • The Lord’s Supper is a celebration of epic proportions. And there are few things that capture the height and breadth of celebration better than singing.  When we began this grant we discovered a lack of songs exploring the myriad of perspectives present in our theology of the Lord’s Supper.  So we called on a broad number of church worship leaders to write new songs for us.  Some are from old texts and some are new altogether.  You can download the whole collection of songs for free at BandcampMore info here.

Design Charrette – New Communion Table

  • Our church has an incredible wealth of talented designers and architects.  Since we’ve been using a glorified folding table as our Lord’s Supper Table for the past few years this grant was a grand impetus to gather and talk about the process of creating a new table to use. We decided to begin the process through an experience familiar to most architects called a charrette.  A Charrette is common parlance for any collaborative session in which a group of designers work intensively on creating a solution to a problem.  (The term originated with french architectural students in the 19th century).  The goal is to create a useable product in a limited amount of time with available resources.  Full post on the event here.  You can also read a write up on the project I did for the Church+Art network.

Historic Reformed Prayers for the Lord’s Supper

  • We are working with Hughes Oliphant Old, a renown Reformation scholar, to curate and publish a collection of prayers for communion.

The Bread Show

  • A collection of artists in our church were inspired by our Worship Grant theme and decided to host an art show related to the theme of bread and community.  Through a First Friday event hosted at a local art gallery they invited the community to consider the centrality of bread to our lives through performance and visual art related to the beauty, process and earthiness of water, flower, yeast, and heat. Full post here.

This project is made possible by a worship renewal grant from the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship (with funding by the Lilly Endowment).

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