Screen Shot 2015-04-18 at 12.47.55 PMThis page is home to the music written by a collective of artists associated with Cardiphonia Music.  Most of the musicians work and lead within the context of the local church.  Please email us if you need to contact a particular songwriter, or are looking for a chord chart, leadsheet, or other resource.  Most of these songs are also registered with CCLI so please report your usage.

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Artists and Albums connected to the Retuned Hymn Movement.
– we are keeping a running list of albums and artists associated with Cardiphonia.  You can find many of them on our bandcamp page, or an even more exhaustive list HERE.

Top 5-10 Lists

– Top Ten Congregational Songs from 2010
– Top Ten Congregational Songs from 2011
Top Ten Congregational Songs from 2012
– Top Ten Opening Songs for Worship
Top Ten Sending/Closing Songs
 Ten Songs we are Teaching our Kids
 The Top 30 “Retuned” Hymns

Service Music

| Songs for Liturgy – Cardiphonia Compilation

| Call to Worship Songs

Short Songs for Worship | The Sanctus

Songs for the Lord’s Supper | Compilation

Communion Songs for Easter

Songs for Baptism | Jesus Loves Me (for infant baptism)

| Sending/Closing Songs


|Psalms of Ascents | Contemporary Psalms | Eclectic Psalmody

| Hallel Psalms Compilation | Hallel Psalms Resources

Theological and Biblical Song Collections

|Songs for the Apostles Creed

|Songs for the Trinity

|Vertical Habits Songs

|Texts and Songs from Revelation

|Hallel Psalms Compilation (113-118)

Church Year Song Collections

| Compilation for Advent and Christmas (Incarnation Songs)

|Songs for Advent & Christmas | Rare Songs for Xmas

|Songs for Epiphany

|Songs for Lent | Songs for Lent CD (NYC Hymns)

|Songs for Palm Sunday

|Songs for Holy Week | Maundy Thursday | Good Friday | Holy Saturday

|Songs for Easter

|Songs for Ascension

|Songs for Pentecost | Pentecost Songs Comp.

|Songs for the Trinity

Album Resource Collections

The Welcome Wagon – Purity E.P. | Welcome Wagon | PRASD

New York Hymns – Songs for Lent