Songs for the darker side of Christmas

A few years ago as part of an advent devotional I wrote about the darker side of christmas.  The scandal of Christ’s lineage, the disbelief of Zechariah,  Joseph’s thoughts of divorce, and the massacre of the innocents. Along with the devotional I wanted to include some song lyrics that reflect on this dark side of… Continue Reading →

Communion Songs for Christmas

Here are a list of communion songs we are singing this year during advent and christmas. This may be helpful to some of you celebrating communion on xmas eve!  Spend some time reading through these texts and meditating on how our sunday worship, especially during the time of advent/xmas, draws such a short and sweet… Continue Reading →

A Sacred Harp Creed for Christmas

I confess that at times my obsession with the music and culture of shape-note singing gets the better of me…for example thinking that I could coax my sacred harp choir into singing this for Advent (355 – Anthem on the Savior) There’s nothing particularly beautiful or historic about this creed-like song (quite to the contrary!) but… Continue Reading →

A Creed for Christmas by Samuel Stone

Samuel Stone penned a collection of hymns for each article of the Apostles Creed called ‘Lyra Fidelium‘ (The Church’s One Foundation is the most popular text from the collection)  Reading through the book you are totally daunted by his dedication to the craft.  Not only are his texts exquisite but he collected vast scriptural references and even… Continue Reading →

Doxologies for Christmas

Here are a few doxologies to use for the Christmas and Advent season if your church regularly sings the doxology, or gloria patri or if you’re just wanting to add something a bit more liturgical to your musical diet. Great to sing after the assurance of pardon or as a closing song. — From “Savior,… Continue Reading →

Christmas by Castle Island Hymns

[Purchase at BandCamp] What do I think of this new Christmas/Advent hymns album by Boston City Life musicians Bobby Krier, Justin Ruddy and ensemble?  Nom Nom Nom! The arrangements are super interesting to listen too, the production work includes stellar contributions from friends Gloria Notes and Magik Magik among others, and most of these can… Continue Reading →

Rare songs for Advent and Christmas

Here is a collection of some of our favorite and lesser known tunes for Advent and Christmas that we have used (or hope to) in worship.  If you are looking for resources for more traditional song and music – check HERE. | Traditional | (or arr. from traditional) Jesus, the Light of the World  (Old Gospel… Continue Reading →

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