Songs of Ascents

This week Christ the King begins a new series in the Psalms of Ascents (Psalm 120-134) we are calling “Songs for the Sojourn” Listen to Pastor Steve Brown of Key Life Ministries read Psalm 120 {mp3} Here are a few new songs we will be learning and singing this month. Thou God of Love, Thou… Continue Reading →

Psalms of Ascents Convivia

Today finished up 24 hours of inspired meditations on the Psalms of Ascents.  Dr. Scott Redd, Professor of Old Testament at RTS-Orlando walked us through the Poetry and Pilgrimage themes of the Psalms of Ascents and Aaron Collier, professor of drawing and painting at Tulane Univ., shared with us his journey painting through the psalms… Continue Reading →

Holy Week through the Psalms of Ascents

I’ve been reading through Erik Routley’s “Ascent to the Cross”. As an appendix he includes the basic liturgy of the services from which this book originates.  It’s a wonderful journey through the psalms of ascents and the last days of Jesus’ earthly ministry.  A great resource for a Holy Week devotional or to craft into… Continue Reading →

Psalms of Ascents

Just finished working on a Calvin Worship Renewal grant application for Christ the King Presbyterian Church in Raleigh, NC on the Psalms of Ascents. As I continue to read and meditate on this collection of psalms I am awed, and dragged down into a deeper appreciation and wonder at how God both invigorates and understands… Continue Reading →

Songs for the Sojourn – Bellwether Arts

This spring Bellwether Arts in collaboration with Cardiphonia Music launched a successful kickstarter to bring “Songs for the Sojourn” to life.  This collection of liturgical arts (music, art, writing, liturgy) is inspired by the Psalms of Ascents, Psalms 120 – 134. We are currently in the process of completing production on the project and thought it… Continue Reading →

Songs for the Sojourn – Holy Week 2018

Hey Friends, Here are links to Bellwhether Arts awesome Psalms of Ascents project that we just wrapped up on Kickstarter – Songs for the Sojourn. There are TWO albums of songs on bandcamp and each album includes the full 100+ page visual devotional for Holy Week and a songbook for both albums when you download… Continue Reading →

Past Grant Projects

Here are links to past grant projects that Bruce has worked on through various churches and ministries. Vertical Habits – 2005 (Redeemer Presbyterian, Indy) A commission from the CICW to create music, liturgy, and visual arts to support each vertical habit.  These resources have gone on to be used in many churches, multiple books, and creative… Continue Reading →

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