Past Grant Projects

Here are links to past grant projects that Bruce has worked on through various churches and ministries.

Vertical Habits – 2005 (Redeemer Presbyterian, Indy)
A commission from the CICW to create music, liturgy, and visual arts to support each vertical habit.  These resources have gone on to be used in many churches, multiple books, and creative projects. 

Songs for the Sojourn/Psalms of Ascents – 2010 (Christ the King, Raleigh)
A worship renewal grant from CICW that explored the psalms of ascents through a year of preaching, study, worship, art, and small group study.

Eat This Table/Anamnesis – 2012 (Christ the King, Raleigh)
A worship renewal grant from the CICW that invited a young church into a deeper exploration of their practice of weekly communion.  Designed a new table, wrote music, and created multiple Lord’s Supper liturgies.

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