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Our Psalm 120 is featured in a new psalter “Psalms for All Seasons.”  For more information and to purchase go HERE.

Psalm 120

Thou God of Love, Thou Ever Blest
words & music: Isaac Watts, alt.
mp3 | Leadsheet | info

Psalm 121

I Lift My Eyes Up
words & music: Brian Doerksen


Upward I Lift My Eyes
words: Isaac Watts
music: Brian T Murphy, Bruce Benedict, 2010

mp3 | leadsheet


Up to the Hills
words: Isaac Watts
music: Adam Davidson

Psalm 122

Let Us Go to the House of the Lord
words & music: Bruce Benedict

Psalm 123

O Thou that Dwellest in the Heavens
mp3 | leadsheet
Words: Scottish Psalter
Music: Willing Billings (AFRICA), the Sacred Harp

Psalm 124

Our Help is in Jehovah’s Name
mp3 | leadsheet
word: Isaac Watts
music: Bruce Benedict


If It Were Not for the Lord
mp3 | leadsheet
words & music: Nathan Partain


Our Help (Psalm 124:8)
mp3 | leadsheet
words & music: Mark Chambers


Other Versions inspired by Psalm 124.8
for all three

demo – meditative version
demo – folk 6/8 version
demo – arr. from traditional spiritual version

Psalm 125

All Who with Heart Confiding
mp3 | leadsheet
words: 1912 Psalter
music: Brian Moss


Surround Us
mp3 | leadsheet
word & music: Rick Jensen


Firm and Unmoved are They
mp3 | leadsheet | CD vers.
words: Isaac Watts
music: Zac Hicks

Psalm 126

When God Revealed His Gracious Name
mp3 | leadsheet | CD Vers
words: Isaac Watts
music: Brian T Murphy

Psalm 126 (Bifrost Arts Music)
mp3 | listen | leadsheet


Glorious Things of Thee are Spoken
mp3 | leadsheet
words: John Newton,
music: JEFFERSON, (Sacred Harp)

Psalm 127

Unless the Lord the House Shall Build
mp3 | leadsheet
words: 1912 Psalter,
The Welcome Wagon

Rest In the Lord (post with demo and chart)
words & music: Greg Scheer

Psalm 128

Blest the Man that Fears Jehovah
mp3 | leadsheet
words: 1912 Psalter
music: BEACH SPRING (Sacred Harp)

Psalm 129

Up From My Youth, May Israel Say
words: Isaac Watts
music: Bruce Benedict, 2010

Psalm 130

Out of the Depths
demo | CD | leadsheet
words: Henry Smart
music: Karl Digerness (City Hymns)


From Depths of Woe
mp3 | charts | CD
words: Martin Luther
music: Christopher Miner (Indelible Grace)

Psalm 131

O Israel, Put Your Hope Upon the Lord
mp3 | leadsheet
words: Isaac Watts
music: Bruce Benedict

Psalm 132

Arise, O Lord, Our God Arise
mp3 | leadsheet
words: 1912 Psalter
music: When I Survey

Psalm 133

How Good and Pleasant It Is (Hine Ma Tov)
mp3 | leadsheet
words and music: Traditional (Arr. by Kerry Yong)

Psalm 134

Come People of God
mp3 | leadsheet

– contemporary, congregational version of Psalm 134
-words & Music: Bruce Benedict


Praise the Lord, All You Servants of the Lord
mp3 | leadsheet

– a capella version of Psalm 134 that follows the NIV wording

O Bless Our God, with One Accord
mp3 | leadsheet(4pt)

– psalter hymnal version with Old 100th tune


| Resources for Music & Text:

Hymn Texts:

Isaac Watts – Psalms 120-134

1912 Psalter – Psalms 120-134

Charles Wesley – Psalms 120-134


Psalter HymnalTrinity Psalter | Sing Psalms

The Book of Psalms for Singing

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