Community Group Study Guides:

Each week our community groups would meet to discuss, reflect, and study the Psalm preached on during the previous Sunday.  Below you can see the study notes we sent to our Leaders, and the study guides our community groups used to facilitate discussion.  We were inspired by ‘Sticky Church‘ as we brainstormed ways to weave the Psalms of Ascents down into our weekly spiritual life together.  The Sunday sermon provided the initial teaching on each psalm, then the congregation was encouraged to study the psalms during the week culminating in community study.  This provided multiple venues for everyone to experience and learn the psalms.  Every sermon was posted online shortly after Sunday to encourage those who missed church to listen.

CG Leader Notes – (We used the ESV Online Study Bible)

CG Study Guides (download pdf)Psalms 120-134

The Psalms of Ascents as Ancient Liturgy

Dr. Scott Redd, professor of Old Testament at RTS-Orlando wrote a brief paper for us exploring how the Psalms of Ascents were used in the worship of ancient Israel.  Primarily he explored how the Psalms of Ascents might have provided structure (liturgy) for the religious festivals held in Jerusalem during the yearly passover celebrations.


Listen to the Psalms of Ascents

Pastor Steve Brown of Key Life Ministries recorded the Psalms of Ascents (ESV) for Christ the King.

Consider this an opportunity to have a pastor deeply experienced in the joys and sorrows of ministry and life read scripture to you.

Zip file of Mp3s



Dr Derek Thomas, text of his sermons on psalms of ascents
Kaiser, Walter C. Jr. The Journey Isn’t Over: The Pilgrim Psalms for Life’s Challenges and Joys.
Loren Crow, The Songs of Ascents (SBL Dissertations Series 148)
Cuthbert C Keet, A Study of the Psalms of Ascents


Martin Luther, A Commentary on the Psalms called psalms of degrees
Leon Liebreich, The Songs of Ascents and the Priestly Blessings
G.F. Loredano, The Ascents of the Soul: or David’s Mount towards God’s house, (trn. by Lord Coleraine).
Coleraine, La Scala Santa, A Scale of Devotions, Musical and Gradual, being Descants on the Fifteen Psalms of Degrees in Meter, with contemplations and collects upon them in prose.
Tiling (1765) Exposition of the Pilgrim Psalter
MacMichael, The Pilgrim Psalms, an exposition of the psalms of degrees.c. 1865
Cox, Samuel, The Pilgrim Psalms, an exposition of the Songs of Degrees.
AG Mortimer, the AScents of the Soul.  25 sermons on the Gradual Psalms (mortimer says that he has mined the best from historical writings on the ascents for the modern english reader).
GE Phillips, The Imagery of the Pilgrim Psalter

* See ‘Music‘ for resources on texts and music

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