Week 5 – 50 Days of Easter (Wake Up Sleeper)

Week 5 - Retuned Hymns for Easter SONG: Wake Up Sleeper (Zac Hicks and Coral Ridge Worship) charts | video | Song Story Part of a growing collaboration between Zac Hicks and world class organist Chelsea Chen on the Coral Ridge Presbyterian worship album "His Be the Victors Name" that Zac describes lovingly as "Pipe Punk." Chorus riffs... Continue Reading →

Week 5 – 50 Days of Easter (See the Conqueror)

Week 5 - Retuned Hymns for Easter SONG: See the Conqueror (Tyler & Jenny) chart | video | hymnary I first encounter this retune on the Gospel Coalition album "When Trials Come: Resurrection Songs for a World of Suffering" that my friend Caroline Cobb curated for the TGC's yearly women's conference.  It's a retune of Christopher... Continue Reading →

Week 4 – 50 Days of Easter (This I Believe-Creed)

Week 4 - Modern Worship for Eastertide SONG: This I Believe (The Creed) - Hillsong Worship charts | video | song story It is traditional to recite the apostles creed on Easter Sunday (even for non-liturgical churches) as it grounds the baptismal practices with a corporate spoken response.  I love this musical version from Hillsong Worship and is a... Continue Reading →

Sung versions of the Apostles Creed

Here are a number of versions of the Apostles Creed that artists have put to song. Sovereign Grace Music - This is Our God youtube | charts Hillsong - This I Believe (The Creed) youtube | songselect Matt Hooper - We Believe youtube | songselect Chris Juby (Resound Worship) - We Believe in God (Unshakeable) youtube... Continue Reading →

A Creed for Christmas by Samuel Stone

Samuel Stone penned a collection of hymns for each article of the Apostles Creed called 'Lyra Fidelium' (The Church's One Foundation is the most popular text from the collection)  Reading through the book you are totally daunted by his dedication to the craft.  Not only are his texts exquisite but he collected vast scriptural references and even... Continue Reading →

Creeds and Confessions

There are some great resources out in the ethernet for studying and using Creeds and Confessions in both your own study and in corporate worship.  Creeds are a wonderful way to make both corporate confessions of faith as well as visible, audible, physical expressions of our unity with Christ - both in our own church... Continue Reading →

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