Celebrating Ascension Sunday 2014

Here are a few selections to add to our growing list of resources for celebrating Ascension Sunday. Mike Farley - Celebrating and Singing the Ascension of Jesus Christ (PDF) Who Shall Ascend the Hill of the Lord (Psalm 24) text by Edward Clowney, arr. by Reggie Kidd (Tune: SINE NOMINE) Leadsheet  - 4pt with chords God Ascended  a... Continue Reading →

Hymns for the Ascension

Download the Album & Songbook - HERE Download Michael Farley's Article on the Ascension - HERE Blog post with more resources and songs for the Ascension - HERE --- List of Artists and Churches that Contributed: Zac Hicks - zachicks.com Cherry Creek Pres, Denver CO Brett Harris - Music from the Gathering Church Gathering Church... Continue Reading →

Songwriting and Theology – full song

Each week in our Songwriting and Theology course we look at a specific theme in the history of hymnody and attempt to write something ourselves that mimics this topic.  Last week however we were asked to write a complete song building on what we have been learning all semester. The assignment was to write a... Continue Reading →

Pentecost Sunday Resources

Pentecost Sunday Many churches that celebrate the church calendar recognize "Pentecost" Sunday.   This follows the events that unfolded after Jesus rose from the grave.  He instructed his disciples to remain in Jerusalem until he would send the Holy Spirit.  The disciples followed his instructions and 50 days after the Resurrection the Holy Spirit descended... Continue Reading →

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