Week 5 – 50 Days of Easter (Wake Up Sleeper)

Week 5 - Retuned Hymns for Easter SONG: Wake Up Sleeper (Zac Hicks and Coral Ridge Worship) charts | video | Song Story Part of a growing collaboration between Zac Hicks and world class organist Chelsea Chen on the Coral Ridge Presbyterian worship album "His Be the Victors Name" that Zac describes lovingly as "Pipe Punk." Chorus riffs... Continue Reading →

Week 5 – 50 Days of Easter (See the Conqueror)

Week 5 - Retuned Hymns for Easter SONG: See the Conqueror (Tyler & Jenny) chart | video | hymnary I first encounter this retune on the Gospel Coalition album "When Trials Come: Resurrection Songs for a World of Suffering" that my friend Caroline Cobb curated for the TGC's yearly women's conference.  It's a retune of Christopher... Continue Reading →

The Welcome Wagon – Purity of Heart e.p.

Between 2001-2008, in stolen moments after impromptu dinners and before the baby woke up, Vito and Monique Aiuto were assembling a lovely patch-work of sweetly angular hymns, quirky covers and practical pop songs.  Recorded, produced and given sonic shape by their friend, Sufjan Stevens, their labors were finally released as a record in December 2008. ... Continue Reading →

Worship with the Welcome Wagon

One new song we are singing this fall at Christ the King is "Hail to the Lord's Annointed" by Vito Aiuto, a pastor of Resurrection Church in Williamsburg, NY.  Vito and his wife Monique put out a CD this year called "Welcome to the Welcome Wagon" with a number of fantastic songs that you can... Continue Reading →

Henningham Family Press

David and Ping Henningham have a wonderful family press over in London.  We have a few of their books if anyone is interested in looking at them or especially purchasing them for enjoyable times when you're not tweeting or reading blogs.  They have done some wonderful installation~collaborations with half-handed cloud and Danielson Family that are... Continue Reading →

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