The Spirit of Adoption – A. M. Toplady

Working on curating a collection of hymn texts on the theme of our spiritual adoption for the Denver ReHymn Project and found this great text from "Rock of Ages" author Augustus Toplady inspired from Rom. 8:15.  Reading this text you can't help but be overwhelmed with the gravity and sheer miraculous reality of God adopting us because of... Continue Reading →

Song – Empty Hands

Songs you write often have a life of their own totally outside of your control.  I hadn't thought of this particular song for years until I heard from a friends church that they sang it recently. I wrote it for myself originally but had some friends encourage me to work on it for congregational use. ... Continue Reading →

Songwriting and Theology Week 3

In week three we discussed hymn texts that place the writer or 'us' into the narrative.  In class Dr. Ruth called these "Inside-Out" poems. If you have never taken the opportunity to approach a biblical text in this way then you should.  It opens up a lot of different avenues as we seek to understand... Continue Reading →

Why sing a ‘Kyrie’ for Lent?

Kyrie Eleison - Lord Have Mercy (Keith and Kristyn Getty) mp3 | leadsheet | video (a nice discussion of using 'Kyrie' by Keith) Kyrie (BiFrost Arts featuring Shara Worden) mp3 | leadsheet | full score Kyrie (Matt Monticchio - Pageant Music) Kyrie-chords | Kyrie-instruments Kyrie, Lord have Mercy (Phil Majorins) mp3 | leadsheet Kyrie Eleison... Continue Reading →

Songs for Epiphany

Most churches celebrate the season of Christmas.  The messages, music and decor reflect the themes, content, and traditions of the 'season.'  In a traditional church calendar the season of 'Epiphany' follows Christmas (The 1st Sunday after Jan 6).  Epiphany can be a wonderful tonic for the naivete and sentimentality that creeps so wholeheartedly into many... Continue Reading →

To Us A Child of Hope is Born

I originally found this text while working through the advent and christmas hymns in the Trinity hymnal.  I had never heard a church sing it and I was really struck by the words so I thought it was worth re-tuning.  I recorded it for a collection of new advent and Christmas music in 2009 -... Continue Reading →

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