Resources for the Calvin Worship Symposium 2014

Here is a collection of links, posts, and pages to check out during the various presentations this week. Symposium 2014 on the Interwebs You can watch a number of videos of services and plenary's HERE. You can read back over twitter comments, links, and pictures at #wsymp14 Songwriting Seminary (Thursday) Master List of Retuned Hymn Artists... Continue Reading →

Singing What We Believe – Calvin Seminar

In June I traveled up to Grand Rapids, MI to participate in the summer seminar series that Calvin College sponsors each summer.  The particular seminar that I contributed to was called "Singing What We Believe" and was directed by Bert Polman, the head of the music department at Calvin and a Senior Research Fellow for Calvin's Institute... Continue Reading →

October 2011 Laundry List

Anglican Worship Conference - Nov 8-10, Durham, NC David Taylor, Duke ThD student and avid Artist/Pastor/Blogger is helping to host a conference out of the Anglican tradition on worship and liturgy.  Should be really interesting to a few of you out there. In Durham, NC coming up soon!  Nov 8-10. More info HERE. Calvin Worship... Continue Reading →

Worship Grants Colloquium 2011

Last week PJ and I went up to Grand Rapids to participate in the Worship Grants Colloquium as part of our 2011 grant project "Anamnesis."  Every church that is participating in the Calvin grants program is required to attend this yearly event with the project director and another member of the grant team (Pj is... Continue Reading →

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