Cardiphonia Compilation – Psalms 135-150

Cardiphonia is excited to release the first in a new series of compilations focusing exclusively on the psalms.  You can find them at a new bandcamp address  We started with the last section of book five - Psalms 135-150.  This section of psalms contains a lot of familiar psalms and phrases and is a great illustration of the... Continue Reading →

Use of the term Cardiphonia in literature

Here are a few quotes I rounded up recently of the use of the term Cardiphonia in theological literature. --- from Hymns of the Church universal [selected by J. and E.A. Rylands].  The Book of Psalms has well been called the Cardiphonia of the Church. In it the people of God through all time have recognised the... Continue Reading →

Songs for Liturgy Compilation

Download album at Bandcamp or NoiseTrade. (donations go to support the recovering efforts in NY/NJ from the storm) Download the complete Songbook (pdf) Download an article written by Philip Majorins about the liturgical underpinnings of this album. --- Most of the songs we sing in the church form complete thoughts.  They have a beginning, a... Continue Reading →

Vertical Habits – resources for worship

Do you want a great resource for exploring the basic building blocks of communication in Worship?  The Vertical Habits is an approach to talking about worship that the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship has been developing for a number of years.  In 2006 Redeemer Presbyterian Church-indy and Cardiphonia were asked to develop some visual arts... Continue Reading →

Cardiphonia Music on Bandcamp

The music gnomes have been busy this week and today finished uploading all of our eclectic worship albums to a fantastic new music interface called Bandcamp. You can stream all of the songs for free.  Purchase individual songs or albums and see everything under one roof. we like it.  check out your other favorite artists... Continue Reading →

Gospel Liturgy Through Song

I was reading the other day on the Worship Matter's blog that Sovereign Grace Music is working on a CD that will move through the Gospel liturgy in song.  It's a great idea and one I'm sure they borrowed from a recent release 'Mid All the Traffic'.  A CD we released that took the core... Continue Reading →

Charles Wesley – Birthday notes, etc

Charles Wesley was born on Dec 18th, 1707 in England.  Attended school at Christ Church, Oxford where in 1727 he formed his group the "Oxford Methodist" which George Whitefield and his older brother John both joined.  These early beginnings formed the basis of their later founding of the Methodist Church in the United States, with... Continue Reading →

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