Searching for Hymn Texts

Here are a number of great resources for searching for anything related to Hymn Texts - words, tunes, meters, etc. --- Advent and Christmas: Cyberhymnal - Advent | Christmas Hymnary - Advent | Christmas Oremus Hymnal - Advent | Christmas Sacred Harp - Christmas Hymns Ancient and Modern - Advent | Christmas Charles Wesley -... Continue Reading →

Advent and Christmas Music

I've had the privilege of working in a number of churches that attempt to walk a thin line between contemporary and liturgical.  And because of this balance the Advent season has always been particularly full of the glory of the incarnation. Here are a number of great advent and christmas songs that are either original,... Continue Reading →

For Yonder Breaks A New and Glorious Morn…

Devotional for Family Worship - Advent 2008 (PDF)   Elliot Grudem, the pastor of Christ the King Presbyterian in Raleigh, NC asked me to help them create an advent devotional to aid in family worship during the season.  It has a number of devotional's for each week and printed music for many familiar christmas season carols.  ... Continue Reading →

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