Worshipping with the Modern Anglicans

Last week I had a wonderful time worshipping with the community at Trinity Anglican Seminary in Ambridge, PA (just north of Pittsburg). (FYI - Jamie Smith will be here in June for a worship conference) We spent three days diving into the nuts and bolts of songwriting for the church with some good time spent... Continue Reading →

Christ Whose Glory Fills the Sky

If you are looking for a song to sing for Epiphany I think this must be the one.  This text by Charles Wesley has been retuned more than any other 'epiphany' text.  Although it would be an exercise in severe naval gazing it would be wonderful to plan a service where we actually sing each of the... Continue Reading →

New Years Hymn – Charles Wesley

Collection of Hymns for the New Year - Charles Wesley (use tune for "O Worship the King") All praise to the Lord whose trumpet we hear, Which speaks in his word the festival year: The loud proclamation of freedom from thrall, And gospel-salvation is published to all. 2 The year of release ev’n now is... Continue Reading →

Love Divine – The Hymns of Charles Wesley

I'm thankful for Bob Kauflin's post over at Worship Matters reminding me of this great album that was released this spring from the UK Worship Lable "Kingsway".  It features new tunes to some of Charles Wesley's most loved hymns. Zac Hicks review --> HERE Massive collection of lyrics from Charles Wesley --> HERE A short biography... Continue Reading →

Earthquake Hymns by Charles Wesley

Charles Wesley published two small collections of hymns reflecting on two earthquakes that struck London in 1750.  They weren't major earthquakes like what has recently struck Japan but they explore various ways of responding to natural disasters - as we wrestle with God's control and influence of nature and our desire for his protection and... Continue Reading →

Songs and Hymns Inspired by Revelation

Worship Leaders - what are you studying right now? What biblical texts, songs, books are you processing to expand your insight, knowledge, experience of God and his Word?  What theme, book, or doctrine are you sensing your people need to walk through? I though it might be interesting to post a series that gives a... Continue Reading →

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