Songs for the Incarnation – New Compilation

Cardiphonia is proud to release our newest compilation of songs for advent and christmas. Songs for the Incarnation is a collection of texts both old and new that meditate on various aspects of the Incarnation of Jesus Christ. These songs explore the moments surrounding Christ's entry into the world. The guttural noise of his prophetic... Continue Reading →

Advent by C. Rossetti

--- Christina Rossetti This Advent moon shines cold and clear, These Advent nights are long; Our lamps have burned year after year, And still their flame is strong. “Watchman, what of the night?” we cry, Heart-sick with hope deferred: “No speaking signs are in the sky,” Is still the watchman’s word. - The Porter watches... Continue Reading →

None Other Lamb – Christina Rossetti

. We are big fans of Christina Rossetti here at Cardiphonia having written music to a number of her texts.  This hymn comes from a devotional commentary she wrote on the book of Revelation called The Face of the Deep (1892). Here is a wonderful article from Dennis Haack at Ransom Fellowship on Christina Rossetti and this... Continue Reading →

Advent and Christmas Music

I've had the privilege of working in a number of churches that attempt to walk a thin line between contemporary and liturgical.  And because of this balance the Advent season has always been particularly full of the glory of the incarnation. Here are a number of great advent and christmas songs that are either original,... Continue Reading →

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