City Church Music – Love Divine, Victorious

A second EP released recently by City Church in San Francisco featuring the City Church choir.  Music Director Karl Digerness and composer Minna Choi's attempt to integrate a small choir into supporting congregational music.  This one featuring songs for Holy Week. A pdf of leadsheets is included with the album download.

Sufjan Stevens – The Transfiguration

There aren't a lot of songs that wonder on the transfiguration (Matt 17).  Sufjan Stevens has a wonderful one and I've heard that a few churches have used this in worship.  David Crowder covered the song and I just heard there is an EP coming out soon from City Church with a symphonic/choir version of it.... Continue Reading →

San Fran ARLW Conference recap

Back to my new digs at Hope College and feeling very thankful for time spent in San Francisco with friends old and new. Did I mention the toast? I was out there for a conference that City Church San Fran was hosting with the ARLW focused on the theme of Liturgy and Evangelism.  A bunch... Continue Reading →

City Hymns – Fragments of Grace

Years in the writing, and decades in the making - Karl Digerness, under the moniker "City Hymns," has recently released one of the most finely produced reHabbed hymn albums that I have heard.  Tuning his songwriting skills for years under the banner of Birmingham, AL unit Red Mountain Music it finally became time to explore... Continue Reading →

Prayers for the Lord’s Supper

Our congregation celebrates the Lord's Supper every Sunday and we always have non-Christians present.  We print these prayers in our bulletin to give those who are investigating faith a place to direct both their anxieties and their searching hearts. *borrowed and adapted from City Church, San Francisco. --- PRAYERS FOR THOSE NOT TAKING THE LORD’S... Continue Reading →

Spirit of God, Descend Upon My Heart

Karl Digerness is the chief musician at City Church in San Francisco.  I've had the opportunity to hangout with Karl a couple of times and he is an all around fantastic musician. Besides contributing to a slew of Red Mountain Music projects he also writes fantastic stuff for his own congregation.  I recently asked him... Continue Reading →

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