Resources for Lent

Last year Elliot and I have were asked by a couple of churches if we would put together a short guide on the season of Lent.  There is a brief background on the history, some pastoral reflections and some liturgical and practical suggestions for how to observe the season meaningfully.  There is a lot more... Continue Reading →

Here O My Lord I See Thee Face to Face

I'm ashamed to admit that I've never read a page of Dr. Wayne Grudem's Systematic Theology until recently.  This is pretty shocking considering He gave the commencement speech at my seminary graduation and I worked for His son Elliot at Christ the King.  I have quite a few friends who discovered Reformed theology through reading... Continue Reading →

God is Our Refuge – Song for Psalm 46

This Sunday is Elliot's last preaching at Christ the King.  Later this summer he and his family will move to Seattle to begin a new adventure and compelling gospel work with Acts29. When Elliot told me he was considering preaching on Psalm 46 for his last sermon I jumped at the opportunity to finish a... Continue Reading →

Learning to Advent

My pastor Elliot Grudem and I have been talking a lot about Advent this year.  How should he preach through it, how can we use the music, liturgy, and elements to draw people's attention away from the glitter on steroids to focus on Jesus. You can read some of this discussion on line over at... Continue Reading →

This is My Father’s World

Elliot is preaching on Psalm 125 this sunday and asked us to sing this hymn as a response to the trust we are called to hold on to with a God "who cannot be shaken but endures forever."  Here is a demo recording we made this week to help us meditate on the truths of... Continue Reading →

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