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Holy Week Hymn by James Montgomery that walks us through the last days of Christ's life into the Resurrection.  There have been a number of good retunes of this old text in recent years even one including rap (HighStreet Hymns) Trinity Anglican Mission (Atlanta, GA) mp3 | chart Indelible Grace (Nashville, TN) mp3 | charts... Continue Reading →

“It is Finished” songs for Good Friday

Last night I traveled from Raleigh over to Greensboro to participate in Hope Chapel's Maundy Thursday service.  They were recreating the New York Hymns album "Songs for Lent" that walks through the Stations of the Cross via texts from the Sacred Harp hymnal. It was a gorgeous evening of music and meditation on the life... Continue Reading →

Resources and Songs for Holy Week

Explanations of Holy Week The events framed by Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem and his resurrection are some of the most dramatic and theologically important of the entire scriptural narrative. These days feature not only the drama of the triumphal entry, trial, last supper, and crucifixion but also poignant prayers and prophetic teachings of our Lord.... Continue Reading →

Children’s Hymn for Good Friday

From John Julians 'Dictionary of Hymnology' Ann Gilbert, née Taylor. [Good Friday.] From Hymns for Infant Minds, 1810, No. 25, in 6 stanzas of 6 lines, and entitled "Jesus Christ came into the world to gave sinners” (ed. 1886, p. 63). This hymn is quoted in her Memorials, 1874, as an example of beautiful simplicity... Continue Reading →

Resources for Lent

Last year Elliot and I have were asked by a couple of churches if we would put together a short guide on the season of Lent.  There is a brief background on the history, some pastoral reflections and some liturgical and practical suggestions for how to observe the season meaningfully.  There is a lot more... Continue Reading →

Daily Devotional for Holy Week

<click on the image above to download a pdf> Christ the King has written a short daily devotional for Holy Week.  The guide begins on Palm Sunday and walks through the the last days of Jesus' life with readings from the Gospels and the Psalms of Ascents. ------- Other Devotional Resources for Holy Week Stanley... Continue Reading →

Good Friday Liturgy and Songs

Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Indianapolis recorded their Good Friday service in 2006 and released a CD of the service. You can listen to the entire service (songs, readings, sermon) on CDbaby, Amazon, or Itunes. Below is the liturgy and list of songs and readings on the CD. Email me if you would like any leadsheets/chord... Continue Reading →

Holy Week through the Psalms of Ascents

I've been reading through Erik Routley's "Ascent to the Cross". As an appendix he includes the basic liturgy of the services from which this book originates.  It's a wonderful journey through the psalms of ascents and the last days of Jesus' earthly ministry.  A great resource for a Holy Week devotional or to craft into... Continue Reading →

Resources for the Season of Lent

Resources for the Season of Lent Each 'season' of the church calendar is a great opportunity to examine how well your church has been doing proclaiming the whole counsel of God in preaching, prayer and song.  The season of lent traditionally meditates on the sufferings of Jesus, especially considering the narrative arc from the Last... Continue Reading →

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