Versions of the Veni Creator Spiritus

HT to Paul Neeley over at Global Christian Worship for reminding me to post my post on versions of this ancient hymn to the Holy Spirit. The text was originally written by Rabanus Maurus in the 9th century. The text is often used in ordination services and services connected to Pentecost.  An interesting note about the... Continue Reading →

Resources for the Calvin Worship Symposium 2014

Here is a collection of links, posts, and pages to check out during the various presentations this week. Symposium 2014 on the Interwebs You can watch a number of videos of services and plenary's HERE. You can read back over twitter comments, links, and pictures at #wsymp14 Songwriting Seminary (Thursday) Master List of Retuned Hymn Artists... Continue Reading →

150 Psalms in Five Years #150in5

Scripture. check. Psalms. check. Songwriting. check. Huge project that seems impossible. check. You never know what's going to happen when you spend time with Greg Scheer. You might spend the day tracking down the perfect spot for a pint (he loves this place), playing a couple rounds of ping pong, or geeking out over some... Continue Reading →

Church of the Servant New Psalm Contest

Excited to share that Wendell Kimbrough and I have co-won the Church of the Servants (Grand Rapids, MI) New Psalm Contest for our collaboration on Psalm 113 that was featured on the Hallel Psalms album.  The contest is sponsored by and held in memory of Ben Fackler. *update* Listen to a performance of this psalm at... Continue Reading →

The Calvin Worship Symposium, Jan 2014

It is a testament to CICW that thousands of people travel to Michigan in the dead of winter each year to participate in their Worship Symposium.  This year, like every year, there is a fantastic list and lineup of speakers, workshops and seminars.  The conference as a whole will focus on the book of Exodus... Continue Reading →

Top Ten Congregational Songs from 2011

Each year after Christmas I spend some time reflecting on the singing at my church (Christ the King) during the previous year.  Mostly this turns into a journaling session where I thank God for the joy of serving the church in this way and note any special moments in our congregational song that struck me. ... Continue Reading →

New Links for Summer Surfing

Here are a few links, notes, and songs that have been blowing around in all the NC heat this month.  enjoy. Resources for Family Worship Sojourn Kids has a wonderful page of resources --> HERE Shorter Catechism Resources --> HERE Kids Music Resources --> HERE --- It is Finished Pretty darn good modern worship from... Continue Reading →

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