Pentecost Songs

--- Download Album HERE Download Songbook HERE Liturgical Resources for Pentecost HERE Reflection from W. David O. Taylor HERE --- Last fall Cardiphonia sponsored the first of what will be a series of song collections focused around gospel themes for congregational song. This week we are releasing our second collection of songs for Pentecost Sunday.... Continue Reading →

Songs for Easter – Resurrection Sunday

What a joy to post a collection of songs for Easter.  To look over the span of church history and see so clearly those songs that have captured the joy, the power, and the truth of the Resurrection of Jesus. Recently I heard someone lament that we only sing the classic 'resurrection' hymns on Easter... Continue Reading →

New Music Resources (follow friday)

Here is a list of some worship leaders and song writers that I culled from the emails flying around the WRN email group this week.  These are songs that have been helpful to all sorts of various contexts looking for new worship music. Most of the familiar ones (Sovereign Grace, Sojourn, etc) I've not listed... Continue Reading →

Psalm 127 – Songs for the Sojourn

This Sunday we begin part two of a year long series on the Psalms of Ascents (Psalm 120-134).  We have entitled our series "Songs of the Sojourn" because the Psalms of Ascents were primarily pilgrimage songs sung by the Israelites on the way to Jerusalem to celebrate the major feasts (Passover, Weeks, Tabernacles, et al).... Continue Reading →

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