Go to Dark Gethsemane – versions

Holy Week Hymn by James Montgomery that walks us through the last days of Christ's life into the Resurrection.  There have been a number of good retunes of this old text in recent years even one including rap (HighStreet Hymns) Trinity Anglican Mission (Atlanta, GA) mp3 | chart Indelible Grace (Nashville, TN) mp3 | charts... Continue Reading →

Light of Light, Enlighten Me – Nathan Partain

Another great retune for Epiphany worship from Nathan Partain, worship leader at Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Indianapolis, IN. Recording is from a CD of hymns and originals published by Green Lake Pres in Seattle where Nathan and Rick used to work. Light of light, Enlighten Me mp3 | Chords | lead sheet | info Light of light, enlighten me Now anew... Continue Reading →

Christ Whose Glory Fills the Sky

If you are looking for a song to sing for Epiphany I think this must be the one.  This text by Charles Wesley has been retuned more than any other 'epiphany' text.  Although it would be an exercise in severe naval gazing it would be wonderful to plan a service where we actually sing each of the... Continue Reading →

The Spirit of Adoption – A. M. Toplady

Working on curating a collection of hymn texts on the theme of our spiritual adoption for the Denver ReHymn Project and found this great text from "Rock of Ages" author Augustus Toplady inspired from Rom. 8:15.  Reading this text you can't help but be overwhelmed with the gravity and sheer miraculous reality of God adopting us because of... Continue Reading →

City Hymns – Fragments of Grace

Years in the writing, and decades in the making - Karl Digerness, under the moniker "City Hymns," has recently released one of the most finely produced reHabbed hymn albums that I have heard.  Tuning his songwriting skills for years under the banner of Birmingham, AL unit Red Mountain Music it finally became time to explore... Continue Reading →

Searching for Hymn Texts

Here are a number of great resources for searching for anything related to Hymn Texts - words, tunes, meters, etc. --- Advent and Christmas: Cyberhymnal - Advent | Christmas Hymnary - Advent | Christmas Oremus Hymnal - Advent | Christmas Sacred Harp - Christmas Hymns Ancient and Modern - Advent | Christmas Charles Wesley -... Continue Reading →

Horatius Bonar Hymn – O Love of God

According to The Hymnary this is one of Horatius Bonar's best loved texts.  I love how this hymn weaves Love from the grandeur of the omnipotent God into the daily realities of suffering. From the work of creation to the work of the Savior. This would make a great meditative Easter hymn.  You can read... Continue Reading →

Hymns for the New Year

I've been reading through some collections of hymns for the new year.  Both Wesley and Newton have a number of hymns written for the New Year, embracing themes of blessing, renewed vigor in the fight of faith, renewed grace and mercy, et al.  Here is one from John Newton. Hymns before annual Sermons to Young... Continue Reading →

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