The Hymns of Anne Steele

Anne Steele, a remarkable 18th cent. english poet, has been getting some great attention recently. If you're not familiar with her verse here are a number of links to her texts, tunes, and some general info. Steele, Anne, born in 1716, was the daughter of Mr. Wm. Steele, a timber merchant, and pastor, without salary,... Continue Reading →

Searching for Hymn Texts

Here are a number of great resources for searching for anything related to Hymn Texts - words, tunes, meters, etc. --- Advent and Christmas: Cyberhymnal - Advent | Christmas Hymnary - Advent | Christmas Oremus Hymnal - Advent | Christmas Sacred Harp - Christmas Hymns Ancient and Modern - Advent | Christmas Charles Wesley -... Continue Reading →

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