WSC Q.86 What is Faith in Jesus Christ?

It's profound to sing the raw, scripture saturated truths of God.  So thankful for this project to work out the shorter catechism in song.  Enjoy. Westminster Shorter Catechism Question 86 What is Faith in Jesus Christ? Faith in Jesus Christ is a saving grace whereby we receive and rest upon Him alone for salvation as he is offered... Continue Reading →

Studying the Apostles Creed

Here are some resources on studying The Apostles Creed to go along with our new collection of songs on the apostles creed "Hymns of Faith" Reformed Theological Seminary-Orlando is preaching through the Apostles Creed this Fall in chapel. You can follow the talks on Itunes U -- JI Packer - Affirming the Apostles Creed --... Continue Reading →

The Church’s One Foundation

Cardiphonia has been really busy this week working on a new music project for the church "Hymns of Faith" - a collection of new tunes based on the hymns written by Samuel Stone for the 12 articles of the apostles creed.  It will be a gift to the church for Reformation Sunday. Keep your eyes... Continue Reading →

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