Bits and Bobs – April 2015

Cardiphonia featured in April '15 Christianity Today "The Best Worship Music You Won't Find on the Radio" Indelible Grace Kickstarter Help support indelible grace as they work on their 7th album of retuned hymns. Jeremy Wingfield - "The Long Walk Home" Traditional Hymns, Retro Vibe. Park Church Denver - Revelation Songs kickstarter Joel Limpic and... Continue Reading →

Hope College Worship – All Hail Christ

I'm getting ready to finish my first school year as the Worship Chaplain at Hope College - a beautiful small college located in Western Michigan that loves to worship Jesus Christ. Every year (for the past 20) Campus ministries has released a record of the services at Hope.  50+ chapels a semester and a Sunday... Continue Reading →

Red River Hymnal

Red River Hymnal - Christ the King Church (Austin, TX) New album from the musicians at Christ the King Church in Austin, TX.  Full of unique classical/folk tinged arrangements.  See song notes below. 1. The Lamb Has Overcome Original text and tune from Luke Morton - Great folk gospel jam with eucharist themes. 2. Glorious... Continue Reading →

Redeemer Hymnal Vol. 2 Lent

Redeemer Hymnal Vol. 2 Lent Redeemer Christian Church Nice album of hymns orig. and redone from Redeemer Church in Amarillo, TX Buy and donate to the album on NOISETRADE

Reality LA – Hymns

Most of the links seem to be broken to this great album from Reality LA Church where they recast a number of old hymn texts in a slick pop/rock vibe. So i'm reposting the files that I have for the album with charts HERE. This album includes: I Will Sing the Wondrous Story Love Lifted... Continue Reading →

Celebrating Ascension Sunday 2014

Here are a few selections to add to our growing list of resources for celebrating Ascension Sunday. Mike Farley - Celebrating and Singing the Ascension of Jesus Christ (PDF) Who Shall Ascend the Hill of the Lord (Psalm 24) text by Edward Clowney, arr. by Reggie Kidd (Tune: SINE NOMINE) Leadsheet  - 4pt with chords God Ascended  a... Continue Reading →

News and Notes for Fall 2013

Here are a few new things you need to check out. 1. THANKS! to everyone who supported our Kickstarter for the upcoming #Canticles compilation. 2. Castle Island Hymns Their new album is done! You should be able to stream it now if you were a kickstarter supporter, but otherwise it will be available soon to... Continue Reading →

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