Songwriting and Theology Week 2 Paradoxes

In week two we discussed how poetry has the ability to transcend the paradoxes of theology in a way that prose often fails too.  "Saying that someone, Jesus Christ, is both fully God and fully human, is something that rests uneasily within the bounds of ordinary theological prose but flies naturally when expressed in the expansive... Continue Reading →

Songs of the Incarnation-Mary’s Song

Songs of the Incarnation A series which looks at the poetic words uttered around the birth of the Messiah. (Here is a great introduction to the New Testament Songs by Hughes Oliphant Old from his Book "Praying the Bible" (PDF) -- When the Heavens start singing, we’d better pay attention… When scripture sings something important... Continue Reading →

Hymning on 1 Tim 3:16

I've been meditating on this passage all week.  The text is probably an early church hymn. It's concise and a beautiful movement through redemption in Christ. Great indeed, we confess, is the mystery of godliness: He was manifested in the flesh, (Incarnation) vindicated by the Spirit, (resurrection) seen by angels, (ascension) proclaimed among the nations,... Continue Reading →

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