Sandra McCracken – Psalms

Welcome to your worship resource primer on many things Sandra McCracken (If you've not had the privilege of following her work). She is a stellar Singer-Songwriter, author, and lover of hymns old and new. We first heard of her songwriting through the retuned hymn group Indelible Grace. Catch her on tour right now with All... Continue Reading →

Bits and Bobs – April 2015

Cardiphonia featured in April '15 Christianity Today "The Best Worship Music You Won't Find on the Radio" Indelible Grace Kickstarter Help support indelible grace as they work on their 7th album of retuned hymns. Jeremy Wingfield - "The Long Walk Home" Traditional Hymns, Retro Vibe. Park Church Denver - Revelation Songs kickstarter Joel Limpic and... Continue Reading →

Worship Leader Magazine Best of 2013

Congrats to Kevin Twit and Indelible Grace and Mike Cosper (Sojourn Music) and all the people who worked on the Songs for Luke Album for their 'BEST OF' awards in this months Worship Leader Magazine. You can see the other recipients in WL online HERE Speaking of Indelible Grace check out their totally revamped online... Continue Reading →

List of Retuned Hymn Projects

While doing research for my Oxford paper I put together a list of all the 'retuned' hymns projects that bear some relational or institutional connection to the retuned hymn movement of the PCA, RUF, Indelible Grace strain.  I included albums that were at least 80% retuned hymns. As well, I didn't include any xmas CD's... Continue Reading →

The Spirit of Adoption – A. M. Toplady

Working on curating a collection of hymn texts on the theme of our spiritual adoption for the Denver ReHymn Project and found this great text from "Rock of Ages" author Augustus Toplady inspired from Rom. 8:15.  Reading this text you can't help but be overwhelmed with the gravity and sheer miraculous reality of God adopting us because of... Continue Reading →

Top Ten Songs of Sending

Cardiphonia and Liturgy Fellowship have a fantastic Facebook page where worship leaders can ask questions, get resources, interact with one another.  Recently someone posted a question eliciting favorite closing/sending songs.  Here is our curated (nowhere close to exhaustive) list.  Please add to it in the comments below. A few key themes found in these songs/hymns. 1. A presence/blessings focus... Continue Reading →

Series on The 10 Commandments

This summer at Christ the King we are going through the 10 commandments from Deut 5:6-21.  The title of our series is the 10 Freedoms and follows up a few months in the book of Galatians. Alongside exploring songs that interact with each of the commandments (or trying to), and songs that celebrate Christ's fulfilling... Continue Reading →

Songs for Baptism

Here is a collection of songs and texts that meditate on various themes related to baptism.  However you practice this sacrament it is a time for congregational celebration.  In the various churches that I've served we have always sung a song of praise during or after the baptism that unites the congregation in both proclaiming... Continue Reading →

The Top 30 “Retuned” Hymns

Here is our highly subjective list of the top 30+ favorite/most played congregational re:tuned hymns.  We are also keeping track of every group that has released an album with at least one retuned hymn on it.  You can see our google doc List of Projects here. From Indelible Grace (here is their most recent 'live' album that... Continue Reading →

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