Week 6 – 50 Days of Easter (Rise to Life)

Week 6 - Under the Radar Gems for Eastertide SONG: Rise to Life (Redeemer La Mirada) chart| noisetrade | story Wandering through the vast fields of Noisetrade I stumbled on this little album of originals from Redeemer Church in La Mirada, CA. The writing and arranging from chief musician Justin Sinclair (who also works under the moniker... Continue Reading →

Week 6 – 50 Days of Easter (Resurrected One)

Week 6 - Under the Radar Gems for Eastertide SONG: Resurrected One (Sisterbrother) chart| web I've been listening to the pop worship of Sisterbrother (Harrisburg, PA) since their 2014 release "Into the Light." The whole album has tons of great writing and production for my current college context.  The album also has an excellent song for Eastertide... Continue Reading →

“It is Finished” songs for Good Friday

Last night I traveled from Raleigh over to Greensboro to participate in Hope Chapel's Maundy Thursday service.  They were recreating the New York Hymns album "Songs for Lent" that walks through the Stations of the Cross via texts from the Sacred Harp hymnal. It was a gorgeous evening of music and meditation on the life... Continue Reading →

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