Day 3 – 50 Days of Easter

Day 3 - Christ is Risen, Indeed (Keity & Kristyn Getty) mp3 | charts | youtube “How can it be, the One who died, Has borne our sin through sacrifice To conquer every sting of death? Sing, sing hallelujah. For joy awakes as dawning light When Christ’s disciples lift their eyes. Alive He stands, their... Continue Reading →

Songs for Easter – Resurrection Sunday

What a joy to post a collection of songs for Easter.  To look over the span of church history and see so clearly those songs that have captured the joy, the power, and the truth of the Resurrection of Jesus. Recently I heard someone lament that we only sing the classic 'resurrection' hymns on Easter... Continue Reading →

Why sing a ‘Kyrie’ for Lent?

Kyrie Eleison - Lord Have Mercy (Keith and Kristyn Getty) mp3 | leadsheet | video (a nice discussion of using 'Kyrie' by Keith) Kyrie (BiFrost Arts featuring Shara Worden) mp3 | leadsheet | full score Kyrie (Matt Monticchio - Pageant Music) Kyrie-chords | Kyrie-instruments Kyrie, Lord have Mercy (Phil Majorins) mp3 | leadsheet Kyrie Eleison... Continue Reading →

Songs for the Lord’s Supper

I've been blessed to lead worship at a number of church's that observe the Lord's Supper every week, and in most of them music has been a part of the celebration.  Here is a collection of congregational songs that both pastors and congregations have found helpful for meditating on the specific themes of the Lord's... Continue Reading →

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