Worship Leader Magazine Best of 2013

Congrats to Kevin Twit and Indelible Grace and Mike Cosper (Sojourn Music) and all the people who worked on the Songs for Luke Album for their 'BEST OF' awards in this months Worship Leader Magazine. You can see the other recipients in WL online HERE Speaking of Indelible Grace check out their totally revamped online... Continue Reading →

List of Retuned Hymn Projects

While doing research for my Oxford paper I put together a list of all the 'retuned' hymns projects that bear some relational or institutional connection to the retuned hymn movement of the PCA, RUF, Indelible Grace strain.  I included albums that were at least 80% retuned hymns. As well, I didn't include any xmas CD's... Continue Reading →

Online Resources for Studying Worship

Covenant Seminary has recently updated their website to provide access to a number of classes exploring worship topics.  You can stream classes on music and worship, hymnody, the psalms - taught by Kevin Twit, Mark Dalbey, Mike Farley, Jeraam Barrs, and a few others.  Great resources to check out! ---   Southern Seminary has a great collection... Continue Reading →

Observations on the New Hymns Movement

Next week I'm traveling up to Grand Rapids to participate in the Calvin Worship Symposium.  One seminar I'm helping with is "Tune My Heart to Sing Your Praise: The Re-tuned hymn (and psalm!) movement in the context of the broader culture." We will be looking at the past 10+ years of the re-tuned hymn movement... Continue Reading →

The Hymns of Anne Steele

Anne Steele, a remarkable 18th cent. english poet, has been getting some great attention recently. If you're not familiar with her verse here are a number of links to her texts, tunes, and some general info. Steele, Anne, born in 1716, was the daughter of Mr. Wm. Steele, a timber merchant, and pastor, without salary,... Continue Reading →

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