Songs for the Lukan Canticles

Getting to this post a lot late but here is a list of the Lukan canticles we included on our "Canticles" compilation plus some from the recent "Songs for the Book of Luke." The Song of Mary Richard Kentopp (The Gentle Wolves) - "Canticle of the Turning" mp3 | chart Brian Moss - Sing Out... Continue Reading →

Our List of All-Star Advent Songs

Dec 2nd is the first Sunday of Advent this year and like most of you I've been busy writing, planning, creating, and praying! For many worship leaders Advent doesn't register much of a blip on the service planning radar...worship moves straight from Thanksgiving to Christmas but for those of you who are blessed to be... Continue Reading →

Songs of the Incarnation-Mary’s Song

Songs of the Incarnation A series which looks at the poetic words uttered around the birth of the Messiah. (Here is a great introduction to the New Testament Songs by Hughes Oliphant Old from his Book "Praying the Bible" (PDF) -- When the Heavens start singing, we’d better pay attention… When scripture sings something important... Continue Reading →

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