Trinity Sunday Music Selections

Here are a number of our favorite trinitarian songs. Also, shout out to Liturgy Letter for a great list of articles and other liturgical resources. "Trinity Sunday calls us to repent of this forgetfulness. The gospel of Trinity Sunday, and of the whole church calendar, is the good news of today’s sermon text: Behold your... Continue Reading →

Singing the Reformation into the 21st Century

Here is a larger list of materials that I originally collected for Reformed Worship highlighting the 500th commemoration of the Reformation. PROJECTS: Resources from Fuller's Brehm Center One of the few places to find musical resources for children to celebrate the Reformation. Rise & Worship - New Hymns for the Reformation - a collection of texts... Continue Reading →

Matt Boswell – Messenger Hymns, Vol.2

I love Matt Boswell. There are few people that I know of that have been so active at the ground level to support and love on Worship Leaders.  Matt is the founder of Doxology and Theology which is an active blog for worship leaders and has just started hosting worship conferences.  He is an author... Continue Reading →

Hope College Worship – All Hail Christ

I'm getting ready to finish my first school year as the Worship Chaplain at Hope College - a beautiful small college located in Western Michigan that loves to worship Jesus Christ. Every year (for the past 20) Campus ministries has released a record of the services at Hope.  50+ chapels a semester and a Sunday... Continue Reading →

Worship Leader Magazine Best of 2013

Congrats to Kevin Twit and Indelible Grace and Mike Cosper (Sojourn Music) and all the people who worked on the Songs for Luke Album for their 'BEST OF' awards in this months Worship Leader Magazine. You can see the other recipients in WL online HERE Speaking of Indelible Grace check out their totally revamped online... Continue Reading →

Doxology and Theology Book – Matt Boswell

Excited to share a new book out this month that I contributed too. "Doxology and Theology - how the gospel forms the worship leader." I contributed a chapter on my journey into understanding how liturgy helps to communicate the gospel and form the worship leader in sharing the whole counsel of God from scripture. Here... Continue Reading →

He is Risen, He is Risen, Indeed

I hope you hear the words of this ancient Paschal greeting "Christ is risen! He is risen, Indeed!" resounding the walls of your church this Sunday as we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. You can even sing it. Matt Boswell mp3 | chart | chords Keith and Kristyn Getty mp3 | chart | lyrics | youtube Bruce Benedict... Continue Reading →

Matt Boswell – Messenger Hymns, Vol 1

I have been following the music of Matt Boswell for a few years now since our mutual love for Hughes Oliphant Old connected us.  Matt is a worship pastor at Providence Church in Frisco, Tx, a songwriter with LifeWay Worship, and the driving force behind Doxology & Theology - which is hosting their first conference... Continue Reading →

Top Ten Favorite Opening Songs

Here is the list you've all been waiting for: Our top ten favorite opening songs. A good mix of hymns, retunes, and contemporary selections. The opening song choice is really important in worship.  It establishes the musical identity of the congregation. It sets the tone for your worship and communicates who you are chiefly interested... Continue Reading →

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