Hymns for the Ascension

Download the Album & Songbook - HERE Download Michael Farley's Article on the Ascension - HERE Blog post with more resources and songs for the Ascension - HERE --- List of Artists and Churches that Contributed: Zac Hicks - zachicks.com Cherry Creek Pres, Denver CO Brett Harris - Music from the Gathering Church Gathering Church... Continue Reading →

February 2012 Cool Stuff List

It's really encouraging when you find that there is more going on then you have time to read, listen to, blog about, share with someone over coffee. Here are some of my favorites from 2012 thus far: Hymns from the Gathering Church The Gathering Church has put out my favorite hymns album so far in... Continue Reading →

Helps for Reading Scripture in Worship

Here are a number of thoughts and tips for reading scripture in public worship.  During the Advent season, many churches often read scripture in worship more than usual and need a few pointers in how to direct congregation members of all ages helping out. --- Public Reading of Scripture is the proclamation of God’s Word. ... Continue Reading →

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