New Music Resources (follow friday)

Here is a list of some worship leaders and song writers that I culled from the emails flying around the WRN email group this week.  These are songs that have been helpful to all sorts of various contexts looking for new worship music. Most of the familiar ones (Sovereign Grace, Sojourn, etc) I've not listed... Continue Reading →

Songs for Epiphany

Most churches celebrate the season of Christmas.  The messages, music and decor reflect the themes, content, and traditions of the 'season.'  In a traditional church calendar the season of 'Epiphany' follows Christmas (The 1st Sunday after Jan 6).  Epiphany can be a wonderful tonic for the naivete and sentimentality that creeps so wholeheartedly into many... Continue Reading →

Soundbites – Dec 2010

Here are a number of great projects and resources we've seen recently worth sharing and using! --  15 classic Christmas carols arranged for 2 melody instruments, guitar & piano. - by Blayne Chastain Order HERE --- Collection of songs "Christmas Nights" from Gathering Church in Durham, NC Bandcamp Site --- Advent and Christmas Devotional... Continue Reading →

The Lord is King – rehymn by Nathan Partain

Nathan Partain is the Chief Musician at Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Indianapolis, IN.  Nathan has been a friend, colleague, encourager, fellow traveler, and excellent songwriter for many years now.  Nathan has also written one of my favorite hymn re-writes of all time which wraps up his excellent CD "The Parlor Sessions."  Nathan's version is very... Continue Reading →

Singing the Story – A song for Psalm 136

Psalm 136 is a call to worship, and one of the more majestic corporate worship songs in the entire Bible.  It is a psalm about celebrating the breadth of God's redemptive work in history.  It begins with a general call to God's goodness and covenant love - then quickly moves to a narrative retelling of... Continue Reading →

Pentecost Sunday Resources

Pentecost Sunday Many churches that celebrate the church calendar recognize "Pentecost" Sunday.   This follows the events that unfolded after Jesus rose from the grave.  He instructed his disciples to remain in Jerusalem until he would send the Holy Spirit.  The disciples followed his instructions and 50 days after the Resurrection the Holy Spirit descended... Continue Reading →

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