July 2018 – Bits and Bobs

Here are a few bits and bobs I've collected over the past few weeks. Enjoy! FOLLOWING: Kickstarter for Moda Spira - check out the new record from Page CXVI founded Tifah Allatas.  Beautiful stuff as always! COS PSALMS Songwriting Contest (Due Oct 2018) - every year Church of the Servant in Grand Rapids hosts a... Continue Reading →

Songs for the Season of Pentecost 2018

Here is an updated list of songs that I've been enjoying recently for the season of Pentecost in 2018. There are so few songs concerning the 3rd person of the Trinity that explore the biblical narrative through the presence of the Holy Spirit. This song both deepens my biblical knowledge as well as sparking worship. ... Continue Reading →

Week 2 – 50 Days of Easter (Christ the Lord is Risen Today)

Week 2 - Classic Hymns of Eastertide Song: Christ the Lord is Risen Today (charlie hall arr.) This week we will be featuring classic Resurrection hymns with contemporary arrangements. Also (obviously) check our Charlie's song "Mystery" a classic song for Eastertide that features the memorial acclamation as its chorus! mp3 | chart    

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