Doxology and Theology Book – Matt Boswell

Excited to share a new book out this month that I contributed too. "Doxology and Theology - how the gospel forms the worship leader." I contributed a chapter on my journey into understanding how liturgy helps to communicate the gospel and form the worship leader in sharing the whole counsel of God from scripture. Here... Continue Reading →

Summer Reading List 2010 – Worship

June got here really quick this year.  Because summer is always a great time to renew the act of literary wishful thinking here are a few essential perennials that you should pick up to add to your yearly re:read list. Most of these were required reading for our class on Worship with Reggie Kidd while... Continue Reading →

Summer Reading List

The Summer reading list has gotten off to a tremendous start this year.  Not sure why...and not looking back. Teaching a Stone to Talk {Annie Dillard} A gift from a good friend that got lost in the shuffle of packing to move overseas. Looking forward to diving into my first dillard book. Mao, a Life... Continue Reading →

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