Top Ten Songs of Sending

Cardiphonia and Liturgy Fellowship have a fantastic Facebook page where worship leaders can ask questions, get resources, interact with one another.  Recently someone posted a question eliciting favorite closing/sending songs.  Here is our curated (nowhere close to exhaustive) list.  Please add to it in the comments below. A few key themes found in these songs/hymns. 1. A presence/blessings focus... Continue Reading →

Music for The Sanctus

In 2007 when my wife and I were living in London we attended Grace Church Hackney, which was part of the Anglican church.  During the communion liturgy everyone in the church began singing what I took as a simple contemporary worship song!  After the service I asked the music director about this song and he... Continue Reading →

The Top 30 “Retuned” Hymns

Here is our highly subjective list of the top 30+ favorite/most played congregational re:tuned hymns.  We are also keeping track of every group that has released an album with at least one retuned hymn on it.  You can see our google doc List of Projects here. From Indelible Grace (here is their most recent 'live' album that... Continue Reading →

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