Week 5 – 50 Days of Easter (Praise the Savior)

Week 5 - Retuned Hymns for Easter SONG: Praise the Savior (Redeemer Indy) charts | hymnary I've posted about this song before but it continues to stoke the glory of Christ in my worship.  An ancient latin text by Fortunatus written for holy week services eventually gets translated into english by Augustus Nelson.  I found the... Continue Reading →

David Taylor – The Visual Arts and Worship

Christianity Today has just published an article by our friend David Taylor entitled "Discipling the Eyes Through Art in Worship."  This is a really important discussion for many of us who are interested in supporting the arts in christian worship, loving on artists, using arts as part of our liturgical landscape, etc.  You can read... Continue Reading →

Daily Devotional for Holy Week

<click on the image above to download a pdf> Christ the King has written a short daily devotional for Holy Week.  The guide begins on Palm Sunday and walks through the the last days of Jesus' life with readings from the Gospels and the Psalms of Ascents. ------- Other Devotional Resources for Holy Week Stanley... Continue Reading →

The New Liturgy

I was forwarded an article recently from Christianity Today talking about how 'modern' churches are beginning to re-embrace 'liturgy.'  In many instances this is also connected to the movement in many churches to use hymns set to new music.  The article is an interesting report and features both John Witvliet, of the Calvin Institute of... Continue Reading →

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