Songs for Ephesians Series

This Fall at Christ the King we are working out way through the book of Ephesians.  Below are a list of songs we will be singing that reflect many of the important themes in Ephesians. (ESV Study Bible - (1) Christ has reconciled all creation to himself and to God, and (2) Christ has united... Continue Reading →

Dr. Hughes Oliphant Old

Yesterday I traveled down to Columbia, South Carolina to spend the day talking with Dr. Hughes Oliphant Old on the psalms in Christian worship.  My church (Christ the King) is currently working through a year long grant from CICW on the Psalms of Ascents and I wanted to hear from Dr. Old on psalms and... Continue Reading →

John Calvin and Church Music

You've been seeing alot of about John Calvin flying around the Reformed internet this year.  It's his 500th birthday.  Now, I don't know if John Calvin even celebrated his own birthday's, but it's probably a good money maker for reformed publishers and tour guides. anyway...if you're pondering traveling the footsteps of John Calvin this summer... Continue Reading →

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