Bits and Bobs – April 2015

Cardiphonia featured in April '15 Christianity Today "The Best Worship Music You Won't Find on the Radio" Indelible Grace Kickstarter Help support indelible grace as they work on their 7th album of retuned hymns. Jeremy Wingfield - "The Long Walk Home" Traditional Hymns, Retro Vibe. Park Church Denver - Revelation Songs kickstarter Joel Limpic and... Continue Reading →

Red River Hymnal

Red River Hymnal - Christ the King Church (Austin, TX) New album from the musicians at Christ the King Church in Austin, TX.  Full of unique classical/folk tinged arrangements.  See song notes below. 1. The Lamb Has Overcome Original text and tune from Luke Morton - Great folk gospel jam with eucharist themes. 2. Glorious... Continue Reading →

Luke Morton – Beggar (album)

Luke Morton is the assistant pastor at Covenant Presbyterian Church in Issaquah, WA and also a great contributor to the growing repertoire of retuned hymns. I originally met Luke when he was an RUF intern at University of Washington slinging out retunes with fellow intern Luke Brodine. They recorded an album of retuned hymns in... Continue Reading →

Christ Whose Glory Fills the Sky

If you are looking for a song to sing for Epiphany I think this must be the one.  This text by Charles Wesley has been retuned more than any other 'epiphany' text.  Although it would be an exercise in severe naval gazing it would be wonderful to plan a service where we actually sing each of the... Continue Reading →

New Listening for Fall 2012

Before the Advent/Christmas rush of albums is upon us here are a few new collections of songs to check out this month! Bethany Brooks // Quarry Street Hymnal facebook Bethany is a pianist/vocalist/songwriter and music director at City Church in Philly. She has been working on this project of retuned hymns and originals for a number... Continue Reading →

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