A Sacred Harp Creed for Christmas

I confess that at times my obsession with the music and culture of shape-note singing gets the better of me...for example thinking that I could coax my sacred harp choir into singing this for Advent (355 - Anthem on the Savior) There's nothing particularly beautiful or historic about this creed-like song (quite to the contrary!) but... Continue Reading →

Songs for Lent – New York Hymns

Red Mountain Music along with a number of other fantastic musicians from the New York area released a collections of songs last year called simply "Songs for Lent."  The texts were curated by Cardiphonia from the Sacred Harp as they entered into conversation with the traditional Stations of the Cross.  The music is still available... Continue Reading →

Songs for Easter – Resurrection Sunday

What a joy to post a collection of songs for Easter.  To look over the span of church history and see so clearly those songs that have captured the joy, the power, and the truth of the Resurrection of Jesus. Recently I heard someone lament that we only sing the classic 'resurrection' hymns on Easter... Continue Reading →

Sherburne – A Shape Note Christmas

Every year I resurrect one of the great shape note tunes to use as part of our music for the season.  Last year we sang "Milford" with a small ensemble and "Star in the East" congregationally. This year we are going to attempt an arrangement of Sherburne.  Now singing shape note as special music is... Continue Reading →

Songs for Psalm 23

Here is a list of songs that I've run across to Psalm 23. Some images I found that stretched my empathy.  (i love keith green...but seriously). --- The King of Love My Shepherd Is (Baker - traditional Irish) mp3 | leadsheet | hymnary My Shepherd Will Supply My Need (Watts - Sacred Harp) mp3 | ... Continue Reading →

Jesus My All to Heaven has Gone

This is another great Sacred Harp tune and text. Thanks to Dave Stuntz at Blacknall Presbyterian in Durham, NC for recommending this to me for Easter. We will be singing it a capella but you may enjoy my acoustic version with our new dishwasher providing the sonic backdrop. . Jesus, My All, to Heav'n has... Continue Reading →

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